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5 Website Errors You Must Avoid in 2019


Web design evolves every day and so you might not be able to keep up with every trend that comes your way. However, one thing you won’t want to have on your conscience is a mistake on your website that could have been easily avoided. While some website errors are somewhat forgiving, others would haunt you for a long, long time. Keep in mind that it takes less than 10 seconds for visitors to decide whether to stay on your site or go somewhere else. Therefore, you can’t afford to make mistakes in any aspect of your website including the way it looks and function.

Website design which focuses in its functionality.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a website design company or you are a veteran in all things web design in Singapore if you don’t pay attention to these 5 website design errors you’ll undermine your site’s SEO potential.

1. Making your site vague (or not designing your website with a theme)

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make with regards to website design is that they put too much information on their homepage. Like we said earlier, it takes less than 10 seconds for visitors to decide whether to stay on your site or go somewhere else. Which means you need to let your guest know what your site is all about within the first few seconds of being on your website. If you want to capture visitors’ interest on your page, you need to make your website as straightforward as possible. From this day forward, ensure that you use simple words and personalized illustration on your page. You can also use full-screen videos as your background (it is pretty catchy).

2. Creating a site that is Not Mobile-friendly

Mobile friendly site with a clean design.

These days most of the users that use Google and other search engines to search for answers on the internet, often do so with their mobile Phones. Since Google is committed to providing users with the best experience, they are usually directed to mobile-friendly sites. As you carry out your web design in Singapore, you have to keep this fact at the back of your mind. It might even be a good idea, to commit your website design into the hand of a capable website design company. In this manner, you won’t have to worry about your site’s mobile-friendliness and other website errors.

3. A slow website

A fast loading website.

If you think visitors won’t hesitate to press the “back” button on their devices when your site takes forever to load, then you need to think again. Most internet users are not ready to wait for a website that takes time to load its contents. One of the costliest mistakes you can make with web design in Singapore or anywhere else is to create a website that takes more than 5 seconds to load. In fact, 5 seconds might be cutting it too close. As a rule of thumb, create your website to load contents in not more than 2 seconds. You might need to contact a Singapore website designer to achieve this.

4. Using fonts that stresses the eyes

Another costly mistake you can make with your website design is to use fonts that are hard to read. That beautiful gothic font might not be the best choice for your visitors. Whenever you are creating a website make sure to use readable fonts. For optimal results, hire a competent website design company.

5. Putting your social media handles on the topmost part of your page

So you have social media handles for your website – congratulations. However, it shouldn’t be the first thing visitors would see when they come to your site. Your social media handles are supposed to direct users to your website, not take them away from your website.