5 Qualities of a Singapore Web Designer


5 Qualities of a Singapore Web Designer



Many businesses and individuals search for the best Singapore web designer either to update their existing website or to create a fresh site. Business owners who want a professional grade website often seek the service of expert web designers and invest a certain amount of budget for the project. There are countless web design companies available today, however, it can be quite overwhelming to find the right one for the job – unless you know what to look for in a designer.

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Below are some of the most important qualities that make a competent SG web designer. When you find a designer with the following qualities, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.


  • Empathetic


Empathy is an essential characteristic of a designer. Without empathy, a designer cannot produce a good quality website design. A designer must be able to understand what the client needs and what the users will look for. Emphasising the users is somewhat self-explanatory. A good web designer understands what the users want versus need and how they think. Being empathetic enables the designer to create intuitive and desirable interfaces, which are critical since many people make decisions emotionally instead of rationally.

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  • Creative


Needless to say, a web designer must be creative. It’s one of the most important traits you should look for in a designer. When you browse the portfolio of the designer, you can easily detect if they can provide you with the website design you desire to achieve. If the designs are more or less the same, then it suggests the designer isn’t that creative. A great designer constantly continues learning new techniques, new tools, new ideas, and is well versed in modern web technology. The designer will use new methods and tools in creating professional looking website.


  • Perceptive


Problem-solving is always part of a designer’s daily responsibility. Great designers are able to see outside the design and have this uncanny ability to see their works as if it were the first time they saw it, even if they have worked on it for a month or months. They can identify possible issues with their works and correct them right away. Some web designers are born with this skill, while others develop a strong perspective through user-focused exercises such as usability testing. This way, they can achieve what is expected from them.

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  • Meticulous


Being meticulous isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it is a vital characteristic of a web designer. Having a pair of meticulous eyes for details is crucial for consistent web design. Great web designers always pay attention to details and can quickly spot something not working for the project. There is no aspect of the website’s interface that is too small or too big for them. They can easily detect what’s missing or what’s wrong with the design even if it’s just a tiny detail.


  • Patient


When the client requested revisions on a particular page design for the nth time, it’s easy to lose temper. But a good web designer is patient. The designer will confirm the required alterations with the client and perform the changes immediately. As the deadline looms, this can be nerve-wracking and can really test the designer’s patience. However, if the revisions are already irrelevant, the Singapore web designer will not hesitate to discuss it with the client.

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