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Top 10 Most Beautiful Website In Singapore


Like they say… if you want visitors to become regulars on your website, give them something to look at. In other words, create a beautiful website design. But then again, beautiful web design are not so easy to create unless you get your inspiration from the best of the best. If you are an SG web designer (web designer in Singapore) and you are looking for a website that would inspire your creativity. Here are 10 of the most beautiful websites in Singapore.

1. UOB travel 

UOB Travel

Singapore website design has never been this beautiful. UOB travel is a travel agency that has created the perfect website that would allow their clients to enjoy impeccable user’s experience. The site is designed with high-resolution pictures with easy to read fonts. They also have dedicated icons for each service they provide. If you are a budding SG web designer this should be your go-to website for Singapore website design inspiration.

2. VMW 


This is another beautifully designed website in Singapore. The first thing you would notice about this artistically designed website is the high-quality pictures that keep switching over on its background. As you scroll down on the home page of this state of the art website, the 7-pictures slide would darken a little so that users can read the contents on their page. No Doubt, a lot of planning has gone into the perfect execution of this website.

3. LHN Group  

LHN Group

LHN Group website is another beautiful Singapore website design that deserves our recognition. The home page of this beautifully designed website features three separate slides. Each one displaying a collection of LHN group’s area of expertise. Unlike the first two slides, the third one contains videos of the site’s accomplishments. You can’t spend a minute on this website without falling in love with its design. 

4. Cortina Watch

Cortina Watch

Cortina Watch is another website that deserves all the accolades. This website is designed for watch lovers and it epitomizes how an SG web designer is supposed to design a website in Singapore. The home page of the website contains several high-quality luxury watches photos. However, they are positioned strategically in such a way that they won’t distract you from your objective on the site.

5. Lasalle


LaSalle’s website features a cool grey background. In fact, 90% of the homepage background is designed with dark solid colors ranging from light grey to dark grey, to black. The fonts, however, are written in white to ensure readability. We like the play of color used on this web design.



If you are a web designer in SG, and you are looking for inspiring website design; this is it. This beautiful website uses a pitch black background to display amazing high-quality photographs. Also, there are clickable links on the photos to guide you into different locales on the website. 

7. The White Rabbit   

The White Rabbit

Indeed, The White Rabbit website has created a website where time actually stands still (at least that’s the kind of feeling you’ll get on the website). From the high-quality photographs to the bold fonts, everything on this website epitomizes creativity. We also like the use of photography images on this site. It oozes calm and charm. 

8. MindChamps


The MindChamps’ website is designed to capture parents’ attention and it uses a plain white background to deliver a truly amazing experience. Most of the contents on this website are written in legible black fonts. We like the way the website is designed into different chunks of content for parents to browse. For example, they segregated the content into Preschool, Enrichment and Health. These are important topics for parents to read and to learn.

9. Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University

NANYANG Technological University website is another website worthy of a spot on our top 10 most beautiful website in Singapore. The website delivers its contents with simple readable fonts and catchy photos. The website also has good use of video as well as a quiz for the students to play and to forecast the future possible jobs.

10. EU Holidays

EU Holidays

This website is designed with cool colors. The two dominant colors on the website are blue and white. Also, links on the homepage are highlighted in blue. When iClick Media was tasked to design this website, the overall mood and feel of the website is to convey how fun travel is for the end consumers.

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