5 Crucial Elements of A Web Design


5 Crucial Elements of A Web Design


Wondering how important web design is? Approximately, 89% of customers search the web first before making any purchasing decision. In most cases, the website serves as the prospect’s first impression of the business and its products or services. Undeniably, the look and feel of any business’ site is the primary drivers of these first impressions. So, if the website looks unpleasant and less interesting, then you are at risk of losing more prospects.

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Your site’s design is more critical for conversions than you may think of. You can carry out the best and latest conversion boosting techniques available, but if your website looks really bad, you can’t expect a good result from the tactic. While designers may have a different plan when it comes creating a website, they often have a common checklist to ensure they won’t neglect a crucial element of a successful and professional -looking website.

Simple Navigation

A website’s navigation does not have to be complicated. In fact, the navigation needs to be easy to identify and use to improve the user experience. In addition, the navigational menus should be minimal to avoid overwhelming the users. Sometimes, having too many buttons and menu items can be confusing. The ideal number of menu navigation items highly depends on the type of site, but the top end is often between five to ten items. Some sites include directional arrows in the navigation to make the website more user-friendly. The easier it is for web visitors to use and navigate your website, the longer they will stay and interact on the site.

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Contact Information

Business contact information is another critical element of any website. Commonly, contact information appears on either in the header or main navigation or as a separate page – the Contact Us page with a form or additional information. No matter what the option is, it is important to make the details very visible. Including the business’ contact information on the web design such as phone number, fax number, email address, physical address, or a form adds credibility to the website and business. Just imagine how users would feel if they want to enquire about a product and then there’s no contact information on the website.

About Us

Another way to improve business credibility and win the trust of website visitors is by adding an “About Us” page. It is essential for website owner’s especially small businesses to share information regarding who they are. This page must inform users who they are and what they do. However, it doesn’t mean the page should long and wordy, though it can, but it’s advisable to only include the outline of company’s mission – vision, philosophies and goals. As much as possible, you should keep the page simple and concise to give users enough information to be interested, not bored.

Search Box

How many times have you tried searching for older information and ended up leaving the site because you didn’t find it? This is why search box is very important. This site feature can be very useful for all users especially the repeat users. Be sure that the box is big enough to accommodate longer words when searching.

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High-Resolution Images

One thing that easily and quickly catches the attention of many people would be a high-resolution image. Adding stunning visuals to your web design is a clever way to draw users to your website. Showing a small set of high-resolution images allows you to display your products, people, or whatever photographs that can entice users.

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