4 Key Features of a Successful Web Design


4 Key Features of a Successful Web Design



How would you know if you have a well-designed web design? Maybe you will think that having an appealing and flashy website makes it a successful one. Then you are wrong. It takes a combination of several factors to complete a professional looking website; however, the combination will vary depending on the specific needs of the business. A hotel website surely requires different elements than an online fashion shop. Given such variations, it may be difficult to say whether a website is better and more effective than the other.

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No matter what the design is, there’s one primary objective in creating a website – to bring people to visit it. A beautifully designed site is useless if no one visits it. So what makes a successful website design? Below are some of the key features of a successful website.


#1 Simple Yet Professional Design


Animations and heavy graphics may seem nice in concept for a website, but they may not add much value to a sensible and an effective web design. Maintaining an attractive layout is important but it should be kept simple and clean. No need to integrate too many graphics or videos. The simple the design the better, but of course it should not be boring that can lead to high bounce rate. It must be attractive enough to lure people to visit it and let them navigate pages. A competent web designer in Singapore knows that a successful site isn’t about adding too much visual rather the design should be well balanced to deliver a better user experience.

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#2 Clear Navigation


An effective website allows visitors to navigate from one page to another without any hassle. This is why a stellar website design must have a clear and user-friendly navigation scheme that enables visitors to find the information needed in less possible time. Buttons and important links should be easy to find with readable labels. The call to actions should be placed in conspicuous parts within the navigation’s scheme. In case the site features a lot of contents, it is advisable to add a search box so that visitors can quickly reach the specific pages in the website.


#3 Loading Speed


The time it took for a website to fully load is critical. People tend to lose patience quickly, and that’s a fact even in visiting a site. If a website takes longer to load, there is a high possibility that people will leave the site before it renders. And this is not a good thing for any website. In connection with making the design simple and clean, adding plenty of heavy graphics or videos to the design can affect the loading speed of the website. Substantial contents and beautiful graphics will become useless if the website is very slow. Graphics is just one of the many factors that affect the loading speed of the site.

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#4 Responsiveness


In today’s time, a non-responsive website could mean a loss of the business. Most people these days are using a mobile phone and other handheld devices to search online, and less on the desktop. If your website isn’t optimised to display properly on these devices, people will leave and look for another. A successful website will render easily on a variety of browser, screen sizes, various resolutions, and different platforms. Be sure to discuss the Singapore website design company about making your website responsive to make the most of your investment.

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